Thursday, November 17, 2016

Indsots - Best Camera Apps for Android One Must Give a Shot

1.Open Camera
Open Camera is one of the best camera applications for Android (android apps) when you require manual controls. For example, you can change focus modes, scene modes, white balance, ISO, exposure and so forth. All these controls are arranged on the camera application screen – simply like you would see in a DSLR Camera interface. The best part about utilizing Open Camera is that it is reasonable for both needs. Regardless of the accessibility of advanced set of controls, Open Camera is quick with regards to catching shot. It can be even quicker if you utilize home screen of the application. The interface of Open Camera may require a couple of minutes from you. but, once you are set, you can utilize this free application to catch better shots. It may not be useful for casual photography; but rather, for genuine Cell phone photography, you can depend on Open Camera in android apps.
Review – Open Camera
Requires: 4.0.3 and Up
cost: Free
Developer: Mark Harman
Rating: 4.2/5
2.A Better Camera
It comes with a bunch of tools for customization, however they are organized in an open way. In this way, from the user point of view, A Better Camera is very easy to use. Features Most importantly, there are diverse catching modes in the camera application. You can browse Normal Shots, Panorama or Multishot variations. You likewise get a Night Mode, which is valuable for catching low-light shots. Other notable features of A Better Camera include Pre-Shot, ISO option, White Balance Control, Focus Metering, advanced manual controls on select gadgets like Nexus 5 and 6, HDR Mode and etc. With this application in your gadget, you won't need to search for more elements.
Review - A Better Camera
Requires: 4.1 and Up
Pricing: Free
Developer: Almalence
Rating: 4.1/5
3.Camera MX

Camera MX happens to be one of our undisputed top choice camera application for Android Smartphones. Camera MX has been commended by both advanced users and commoners, thanks to the well-built interface and features. Although there are many features in the application, every one of them are  arranged in the menus. Depending on the scenario, you can launch it from those menus. In case of both video and pictures, the interface is equally simple and there are customizations as well. One superb feature we found in Camera MX is Live Shot. With this mode, you can create moving photos. They are not videos, but a sequence of photos. You can get individual shots from the Live Shot or share it as such. Similarly, you can utilize 'Shoot the Past' feature to find out missed elements before catching. Alongside these, you get a bundle of scene modes, for example, sunset, snow, landscape etc. Also, you can choose from the three aspect ratios, including 16:9 and 1:1. Also, besides,
Camera MX has its own media manager for easier organization and access of the photos. You ought to go for Camera MX when you would prefer not to spend much time on capturing however need to get great shots. In this, regardless of the controls, the capturing speed is too good in all android apps.
Review – Camera MX
Requires: Varies with Device
Pricing: Free
Developer: Appic labs Corp.
Rating: 4.3 / 5

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