Monday, November 7, 2016

Indsofts - Top 8 Most Important Google SEO Ranking Factors in 2016


Search engine optimization makes the web sites search engine friendly. Promoting businesses on the worldwide stage carry a few open doors alongside difficulties. According to a survey held by reputed web site Moz for the year 2015 reveals the eventual fate of look for the year 2016. The study unfurled the crucial factors like  mobile friendliness, design, mobile applications, and the impact of structure information in SERPs.

Domain Factors

A few elements with respect to domain like age, keywords, registration length, history, and so on matters with regards to getting high rankings in Google. The Google consider these elements as the essential parameters to give better SEO rankings to your site in search results pages. Getting joins from the quality sites is an excellent practice that can help your rankings to make higher SEO success. If you succeeded in taking your website domain authority (DA) in the middle of 50-60, then it means you are on the right track, and the time has come to celebrate for it.

Supreme Quality Content

The content of your site has a critical part to play with regards to get ranked well in SERPs. A site must contain quality content which reflects relevancy, accuracy, reliability along with authenticity. Sites' content must incorporate the right set of keywords with perfect keyword density to support SEO campaign. For getting high results, you need to focus towards keyword factors. For example, consideration of essential keywords in H1 and H2 labels can yield remarkable results and positively influences your site to secure high rankings.

User Interaction & User Experience

Lately, user interaction (UI) and user experience (UX) have gotten to be a standout amongst the most important factors that are viewed as imperative in getting top rankings in search results of Google. The UI and UX refer to mobile friendliness, proper text placement, image situation, relevant content, font size, route, and links. Them two are dealt with as specialized variables that incorporate the procedure of web designing and development. Appropriate measures ought to be taken to make a search engine friendly website. Designers and developers need to work on the essential factors like web site speed and  mobile optimization.

Sitemap for the Website

An important ranking factor  in 2016 is Sitemaps. Google loves the commitment of new pages and content into its database. In this manner, making a sitemap for the web site has demonstrated useful to get visibility in the search engine like Google. The sitemap empowers you to illuminate the Google promptly in the event of even minor changes.

Responsive Web Design

Regarding search engine optimization, responsive web design can decidedly impact your rankings in SERPs as it permits dealing with a solitary webpage with only a one of a kind arrangement of hypertext links. It minimizes the extra time and endeavors in keeping up your site. With the progression of time, a  massive crowd of online audiences has moved towards smart phones, therefore, responsive design enables and engages you to target significantly more gathering of people for the interest of your business.

Images and Videos

Utilization of pictures and videos are trending worldwide to make sites more mindful. Online audience get effectively engaged with these graphic design and videos which drive huge traffic to your website. Accordingly, putting some engaging graphics and videos can help you a great deal to get guaranteed visibility in search engines.

Meta Tags are Crucial

Meta tags are a standout amongst the most important factors in the Google Page Rank. These tags are the best approach to give data about your web site to search engines. Encourage, these tags are utilized to give information to users to make them aware of the kind of content they will experience in SERP. In the event that you utilize Meta tags on your web site, then search engines read them to get the summarized idea regarding your web site alongside your keywords.

W3 Consortium Validation

You must be the sure about the design and development codes of your site, whether they are coordinating with the W3 consortium guidelines. Even in the case of modifications, you have to check whether the JavaScript, CSS, and HTML codes used in your web site are valid.


SEO is a dynamic procedure, and the focuses depicted above originate from my encounters and contextual investigations. Possibly you know just some of these, or perhaps you know every one of them. Along these lines, I generally propose you to scan for the new things since nothing is intense than your own exploration and I trust previously mentioned focuses will demonstrate gainful for you. On the off chance that you have something to propose or ask, then you are most welcome, you can remark underneath.

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