Saturday, September 17, 2016

Latest Web Design Trends

latest-web-design-tresnds_57c5445bc5a04_w1500 Trends in web design, like fashion trends, come and go. Sometimes trends are dictated by necessity (like responsive design). Other trends are industry shifts, such as the change from skeuomorphism to flat design. Let’s examine some of the most popular for this and the coming year. Too many typefaces create a confusing and cluttered looking site, which reduces legibility and readability. Responcive- Responsive web design has become incredibly popular in recent years thanks to the rise of mobile internet usage. It’s safe to say responsive design isn’t going anywhere soon, as it represents a relatively simple and cheap way for businesses to build a fully-functional mobile-friendly site. Flat design- Flat design has been around for a while and is compatible with other trends such as minimalism, responsive web design and Material Design. Don’t follow trends just because they’re the “hip” thing to do at the moment. Trends represent popular techniques for good reason, but make sure it’s best for your users. For example, an e-commerce site certainly wouldn’t do well as a single-page infinite scrolling site. These are using modern trends .using these trends in your project you get higher traffic.

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