Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Typography in Web Design

Ultimately great typography is what helps make message more readable on the web design but he design of typography can be motivate in its own particular right. Extraordinary typography is an art and therefore is one of the more creative ways to show content online.Most person never think about typography. People don’t understand the psychological Web design impact it has in relation to conveying a message.
                                       If you have ever seen the movie, “The Holiday”, then you know that Cameron Diaz’s character, Amanda Woods is a movie-trailer maker. In one scene she asks her co-workers to make the type for the movie header she’s working on, “twice as big, but try it in a red, like a happy red, not a Scorsese red.” That’s all part of the art that is typography.
Why Typography is important:

The choice of typeface can affect how a piece is understood. Consider these two examples below. Which is more appropriate considering the title of the article?

1-Impact on private equity
2- Impact on private equity

Most people would automatically choose the example on the first. The font size and type elicits a feeling of power, seriousness and importance; while the example on the 2nd  is fun, light and playful.
Now that you have been given a basic review of typography and its important in everything from a book, to a blog, to a letter, you can consider when you work with a creator all alone associations correspondences.

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